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This tool box follows the styling of traditional Japanese tool boxes that have been used for generations. Crafted by hand using eastern white pine, the tool box is light in weight while the hand-cut joinery provides strength to spare. With over $1,200.00 in Veritas Lee Valley Tools included, the tool box is taller than the traditional version to accommodate comparatively larger Western-style tools. The bottom is ship lapped to allow for seasonal wood movement and is attached using cut nails driven at an angle to improve the strength of the connection. Finally, the sliding top is designed to keep dust out of the box and uses a tapered locking batten to keep it secure. A simple design to keep your tools protected and secure.

Vic Tesolin, Technical Advisor at Lee Valley Tools, constructed this box for MILL and has included a signed copy of his book, "The Minimalist Woodworker". Vic is a veteran of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery and was a student, craftsman in residence, and past instructor at Rosewood Studio.

MiLL is the new name for the National Manufacturing Training Center, established last year in Colorado Springs by the Peyton and Widefield School Districts. The program was recently featured in Woodworking Network Magazine. Click here to read the article.

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